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News, Published on Jun 19. 2020

While we are a getting excited to get back on court as we move into Phase 2, the trainees and staff's safety is our utmost priority. With that, we have a set of new measures and system for everyone to follow in order for a safe reopening.

Our face-to-face classes will resume from 24th June 2020 (Wednesday) onward. Do take note that our reopening will be done gradually due to limitations of the facilities and new measures in place.

Online Classes:

The last day of our Online lesson will be on 21st June 2020 (Sunday).

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Safety Measures in place: 

  • Mask should be worn as a default. It can only be taken off when performing strenuous activities, although it is still recommended to wear under such circumstances.
  • Bring along a Ziploc bag for safekeeping of the mask. 
  • Each court is limited to no more than 4 participants in a group, including the coach. e.g. (3 trainees, 1 coach). 
  • Students need to have their Photo ID with them for training upon entry. 
  • Water cooler is not available: Bring own water bottle and personal towel. 
  • Washing of hands with soap will be implemented after every lesson. 
  • Temperature will be taken upon entering the sport facility. 

How to enroll for classes?

  • In order to comply with the safety measures and making sure everyone has more chances of booking a training class. The slots for the lessons will be released 2 weeks in advance on alternate Fridays. Example: classes released on this Friday (19th June 2020), the slots available will be released from now until 10th July 2020. The next release will be on 3rd July 2020, slots will be released from 11th July to 24th July.  
  • Enrolment will be based on first-come-first-serve basis. In the event where the class is full, we will inform you 2 days in advance. You can reallocate your slot or choose to be on waiting list. 
  • Bookings have to be made at least 3 days prior to the actual class in order to receive a confirmation email from us. Any bookings less than 3 days prior to the actual class will depend on the class capacity.  
  • In the event where the trainee does not turn up after confirmation email is sent, credits will be forfeited. 

How to know if my class is confirmed?

Go to <Schedule> page. There will be a red dot at the bottom left of the date in the box to indicate you have a class booked on that day.


The confirmed classes will also be listed under the <Credits> page as shown below.


Check your e-mail! You will receive a confirmation email from us 2 days prior to the actual class.


Restarting my package:

  • Package needs to be reset before 30th September 2020. 
  • We will reset the package validity based on the package bought. Example: If you currently have a basic package, regardless of how many credits you have left in the package before 27th March 2020 (date that we stopped operating), we will reset the whole package of 30 days from the date of your next lesson. 
  • You will then need to inform the administrator (+65 97594169) if you would like to reset your package and mention the first lesson you wish to attend.
  • For unlimited package, the days will be converted into credits. It will be calculated based on the balance of days left from 27th March 2020 (date that we stopped operating) to your expiry date. Conversion ratio will be 2 days = 1 credit. Example: If you have 14 days of balance validity, we will then convert 7 credits into your account. Validity of the package would be 30 days irregardless of credit balance.

Conversion of online credits to face-to-face class credit:

  • Conversion ratio would be 2 online credits = 1 offline credit. Example: If you have 6 online credits balance, it will be converted to 3 offline credits. In the event where the credit balance is an odd number such as 7 online credits, it will be rounded up to 4 offline credits.
  • There will be a validity of 60 days to utilize the credits.

Current Group Training Package available: 

  • Basic Package 2.0 (Group Training) : 4 sessions to be completed within 3 months (90 days) @ $138. 

If you need more information, kindly contact Xinyi (Administrator) at +65 97594169 and she will be glad to assist you. 

See you back in court!

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Contact Xinyi @97594169
Email: optimum.academy@gmail.com
Office Address: Prestige Centre, 71 Bukit Batok Crescent, #05-10, (S)658071