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Private Trainings

Individual Trainings are conducted at your convenience. Trainings are usually 2 hours and we will make use of the badminton courts in your preferred premises. Students wishing to take their skill set to the next level will certainly benefit from the guidance of our committed instructors.

For bookings or other enquires, do contact us HERE or (+65) 8683-2334

Terms & Conditions for PRIVATE TRAINING:


As for Private training, will need to depends on TraineeCoaches and Courts availability. Venue will be at your preference location. Once the date and time of the training is fixed, we will need you to Purchase the Private Training Package as agreed. Contact us at 86832334 to make arrangements. 

  • Minimum 4 sessions for first time confirmation so that we can provide an Un-disrupted trainings as we need to make bookings 15days in advanced to secure the courts.
  • We will also be booking the courts for all the training sessions.
  • Any cancellation of training less then 15 days in advanced the payment will still be full as court and coaches already allocated.
  • No refunds of the fees is allowed, regardless of unforeseen circumstances occurred. (E.g. Injury and Haze)
  • No transferring of the training credits between the trainees.
  • OBA will Not be held responsible for any claims arising out of any injury or damage while attending this course and this includes all cost, and expenses incurred as a result of such claims.

Private Training

Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced
Mon (8am-10pm)Tue (8am-10pm)Wed (8am-10pm)Thurs (8am-10pm)Fri (8am-10pm)Sat (8am-10pm)Sun (8am-10pm)
Coach Pending Coach
Venue, Date and Time can to be arranged at your preferences