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news, Published on Jul 31. 2020


WE HEAR YOU fellow family members of OBA! In order to cater for more trainees to be back on court while complying with the new measures, we are making a structural change to our systems. With effect from 3rd August 2020, all our Group lessons will be by hourly bookings and fees will be revised. E.g. previously a 6-8pm class will now be spilt into 2 sessions, (1) 6-7pm (2) 7-8pm. At the same time trainee will still be able to book 2 or more sessions back-to-back if they wish to. This ensure more trainee will have the opportunities to train and making it more feasible for the academy to run under all the constraints. meanwhile we also have some software updates aiming to serve our members better after the transition. We will continue to strive towards a better outcome and tie over this unprecedented times together as a big family.

New Group training package available from 3rd August 2020 onwards (1 Credit = 1 Hour) : 

  • Basic Package 3.0 : $98 - 5 credits to be completed within 90 days
  • Regular Package 3.0 : $186 - 10 credits to be completed within 90 days (5% Discount) 


Class enrolment

  • Do take note that as long as you able to enrol for a slot(s), it is secured unless you make a withdrawal.
  • Trainee will still be able to book 2 or more sessions back-to-back if they wish to. All the slots availability are based on first-come-first-serve basis. 
  • In order to comply with the safety measures and making sure everyone has more chance of booking a training class. The slots for the lessons will always be released only up to 15 days in advance. E.g. If today's date is 1st August 2020, the available slots will only be released until 16th August 2020, follow by the next day (2nd August) the slots available will open up to 17th August 2020.
  • Enrolment will be based on first-come-first-serve basis. In the event where the class is full, It will NOT allow for booking. You may come back again to check for the vacancy just in case there's a withdrawal.
  • Withdrawal of class have to be made at least 3 days prior to the actual class. This is to ensure everyone book responsibly and to maintain fairness within members.
  • In the event where the trainee does not turn up after class is enrolled and confirmed, credit will NOT be refunded. 

Existing students with package: 

  • For any students with valid package(s), the credits will be doubled and update on 3rd August. E.g. If you have 2 existing credits, we will top up another 2 to make it 4 credits in total.
  • From 3rd August onwards, 1 credit = 1 hour class. There's NO restrictions on how many classes a trainee can book consecutively as it all depends on the slots availability and first-come-first-serve basis.

New member? Click HERE to check our schedule!

Warm-up before lesson!

  • Due to the shorten training time from 3rd August 2020 onwards, we will encourage trainee to arrive at the venue at least 10 mins earlier to do their own warm-up outside the hall before the class start. Once the court opens, we will dive straight into the lesson.

We have also prepared a warm-up video for you to follow along! *Unmute your phone if you can't hear the audio*

FREE e-lessons for all members!

  • During this very unusual time where the training opportunities might be lesser, we have prepared a series of e-lesson coupled with fun online quiz (self-directed learning) for our members to stay engaged and improve even during this unprecedented times!

Login into our Mobile App now and start your e-learning journey! 

How to know if my classes is confirmed?

Software upgraded! As long as you able to enrol into the particular class, it's confirm unless you make a withdrawal! Classes that are confirmed will be listed under the Upcoming Training in the <Schedule> page now. There will also be a red dot at the bottom left of the date in the box to indicate you have a class booked on that day.

Where can i see my past and upcoming Confirmed classes?

The confirmed classes (Past & Upcoming) will be listed in the <Credits> page as shown below.

Confirmation E-mail!

Check your e-mail! You will receive a confirmation email from us 2 days prior to the actual class for an extra verification. (Some members may experience it in their Junk/Spam inbox)

New upgrade! (Court number)

Members will be able to check the court number of your classes now in the <Schedule> page under Upcoming Training or <Credits> page!

If you need more information, kindly contact Jia Jia (Administrator) at +65 97594169 and she will be glad to assist you. 

See you in the court!

New member? Click HERE to check our schedule!

Contact Jia Jia @97594169
Email: optimum.academy@gmail.com
Office Address: Prestige Centre, 71 Bukit Batok Crescent, #05-10, (S)658071