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June Holiday Camp 2022!

news, Published on Apr 13. 2022


Learn badminton Basic & Advance techniques in a fun and interactive way! 

There are a total of 10 fun-filled camps lined up for this amazing holiday at Shelton College, Community Hall @ Sprout Hub & OBA Arena @ Punggol (Marina Country Club). All the camps are catered to both Beginners (Learn to Play Programme) and Advanced (Play to compete) level players. The aim is to allow them to understand and lift their game to the next level, at the same time adding fun elements in trainings to build a strong interests towards the sports.  

Limited slots available, sign up today!

* FREE OBA Training Jersey with every Sign-up!
$20 SportsVend vouchers for every sign-up! (Online store: (https://www.sportsvend.sg/)

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