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Let's Fight Covid-19 Together!

news, Published on Mar 23. 2020

Increased Precautionary Measures!

In light of the latest update on the COVID-19, the health and well-being of everyone in OBA is our utmost priority. Since February, we have been implementing several precautionary measures and will continue to ensure diligence on our part. We will continue mandatory temperature screening for both coaches and trainees, and ensure washing of hands with soap after class or exit the premises. Coaches are also advised to avoid physical contact with trainee unless necessary and the correction of the movement or posture will be done verbally or through demonstrations.

If you are feeling unwell, or suspect yourself to have COVID-19 symptoms, kindly seek medical attention immediately.

In this season of the COVID-19, let's all do our part and stay vigilant, as we fight the outbreak as a healthy and happy nation!